In the history of the Nguni people of Southern Africa like Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele and Swazi, it was custom for tribesmen to gather in a circle sharing umqombothi (a traditional beer) from a clay pot called ukhamba. 

The bigger pots were used for brewing the beer while the smaller ones were passed around to drink and enjoy the beer. Ukhamba was also used as currency in barter trading. Broken pots were not thrown away but used as pans for roasting ground nuts and burning impepho.

So when you are enjoying a beer with friends and strangers, you are celebrating the traditional legacy of the Nguni people. This is a tradition Ukhamba Beerworx wants to preserve.

Utywala Bethu!

The Story
about Ukhamba

Meet the Brewer

Lethu’s craft beer passion began years back while working as a bartender in a craft beer centric bar. During that time he got into home brewing and he soon realized that while tinkering with beer is the most fun, exact measuring leads to continued success in brewing. With this, the idea of going commercial was born and soon after that Ukhamba Beerworx became alive.


"Beer is my ticket to freedom"

Lethu Tshabangu 


Photo by Dariyal Photography


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